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Dream. Bid. Build. 

The City of Norfolk's Vacant Property Online Auction offers interested homeowners and developers the opportunity to invest in the City of Norfolk by purchasing and redeveloping city-owned properties for the purpose of constructing a single-family home.
Designed for transparency, equity and efficiency, this new auction process aligns with City housing priorities and goals to transform underutilized properties, increase economic inclusion, encourage and support wealth building through homeownership and strengthen neighborhoods and communities. 


The City of Norfolk's Vacant Property Auctions will be administered by GovDeals, an online auction service specializing in surplus government property liquidation. GovDeals will collect a 5% administrative fee that will be passed on to the buyer for each property. Opens in new window


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Phase 1: Property Listings Available (Approximately 30 Days)
Property listings will be available at for approximately thirty (30) days prior to bidding.

To become a qualified online auction participant (a "bidder"), the following steps must be completed by the deadline: 

  1. Register to bid through the online auction website at
    • Must be completed by all first-time bidders
    • Follow all instructions for setting up the GovDeals account and passwords
    • Once registration is completed, interested parties will be able to participate in all city auctions moving forward 
  2. Read the Terms & Conditions. 
  3. Complete the Norfolk General Bidder Application. 
    • Must be completed by all bidders
    • Only needs to be submitted once
  4. Browse and review available properties during the approximately thirty (30) day Property Listing Phase.
    • Potential bidders are responsible for property research, inspections, and financial preparations during this property review period. 
    • TIP: Visit NorfolkAIR to research property records, lot specifications, tax information, and more.  
  5. Complete the Norfolk Property Application(s) 
    • Bidders must submit this Norfolk Property Application for each property bidders wish to bid on 
  6. Submit Bid Deposit(s). 
    • 10% of the minimum bid amount listed for each property bidders wish to bid on
    • IMPORTANT: Bidders will not be permitted to bid on any auction until completing all of the above steps before the deadline 

Phase 2: Bidding Period (7 Days)
After the Property Listing Phase, a seven (7) day bidding period opens. This is when the auction is live and all available properties are subject to active bidding. 

You will NOT be able to bid on any property until all steps from Phase 1 are completed. 

Auto-Bidding: Upon placing a bid on a property, you will have the option to activate auto-bidding. Auto-bidding means your bid will automatically be increased to outbid anyone who bids higher than you up to your pre-established maximum bid amount. 
IMPORTANT: If auto-bidding is not activated, you will need to check the status of your bid(s) periodically during the bidding period.   


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