Building, Maintaining and Improving Neighborhoods

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Capital Improvement Projects

Through a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) the Department of Utilities builds, maintains and improves the City's water and sewer infrastructure, which includes a vast network of pipes, pump stations, treatment plants and storage facilities. When prioritizing needed projects, the City considers a number of factors including the system's age, current condition and the number of reported repairs or failures. Through long range planning, the City evaluates future needs; however specific CIP budgets and project plans are adopted each year on a one-year appropriation basis. The public plays an important role throughout the annual CIP process by attending City work sessions and public input forums. To discuss water and sewer CIP programs please contact the Bureau of Engineering and Technology at 757-664-6701.

Current Capital Improvement Plan Projects

Upcoming Capital Improvement Plan Projects

Multi-phase Neighborhood Water and Sewer Projects