Contact City Planning

Department of City Planning staff is available to assist citizens with questions related to planning, zoning, building permits, and other related issues.

Contact the Planning Department in the following ways:

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     Process applications for permits such as Plumbing, Mechanical, Gas, Electrical, and Demolitions

Building Plan Review

     Review permits for New buildings, additions, renovations, detached garages, pools, decks and solar panels.


     Performs inspections for all permits.  Inspectors can assist with technical questions pertaining to inspections or the scheduling of inspections.

Zoning Permits and Reviews

     Contact members of this team for zoning permits for fences, sheds, and driveways, for short-term rental permits, for zoning enforcement, and for zoning reviews of business licenses and building permits. For most zoning questions, email the team at For short-term rental questions, email For business license zoning reviews, email

Environmental Services

     Wetland Permits and Wetland Board Administration, Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act (CBPA) Development guidance and plan review, CBPA tree permits, Land Disturbing Permits, Erosion and Sediment Control (E&S) Plan Review and Inspection, VSMP Construction General Permits (land disturbance > 1 acre).

Architectural Review Board

Current Planning

The Current Planning division takes care of City Planning Commission items such as conditional use permits and rezonings as well as Ownership Review Forms (Buildable Lot Letters) and Zoning Compliance Letters.

Floodplain Management 

     This division is who you call when you need a flood zone determination, questions about floodplain development regulations, flood insurance questions, flood zone inspections, elevation certificates, Community Rating System Program.

Comprehensive Planning

     The Comprehensive Planning program includes maintaining and implementing the city's comprehensive plan, PlaNorfolk, ensuring all development actions are consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and other city policy direction, and preparing, updating, maintaining, and implementing area and neighborhood plans.

Director's Office

     The Director's office consists of the Director and Assistant Director of City Planning as well as the Financial Operations Manager.  It also takes care of such functions as FOIA Requests for the department, computer and software management for the department and GIS and mapping functions.