The Division of Building Safety will severely limit onsite inspections from 3/16/20 until further notice depending on the spread of the COVID-19 viral disease. We are accepting Third-Party Inspections, FaceTime, Videos, and Pictures under differing circumstances which are detailed below. Our first and highest priority is to protect the health and safety of our Inspectors and other City staff. All inspections can be scheduled at

ONSITE INSPECTIONSUnder certain circumstances, an on-site inspection can be conducted at the discretion of the inspector. These will only be done for construction permitted and underway prior to March 16, 2020, and only for final inspections, electrical inspections, and gas line inspections. The contractor must schedule the inspection; the inspector will then contact the contractor to give an AM or PM time frame when s/he will be on site. There is to be no one, other than the inspector, on-site during the inspection. This is non-negotiable.

VIRTUAL INSPECTIONS: the contractor requests an inspection other than new construction final inspections, electrical reconnects and gas line inspections, the inspector will contact the contractor to discuss the option of a remote inspection. Pictures and videos must be clear, concise, and viewable from all viewpoints. Pictures shall be signed by the contractor, dated with the permit number, and must include the address of the project. Use of FaceTime where the inspector and contractor can interact and together observe items to be inspected will be encouraged. All inspection results are the discretion of the inspector.

THIRD-PARTY INSPECTION: The contractor is responsible for finding and hiring a third-party inspector or agency. They must be approved by the Building Commissioner prior to conducting any inspections. A Third-party statement of inspection application must be completed and emailed to the Building Commissioner for approval.

Third-party inspectors will be required to submit a report of the inspection, either approved or denied, to the Building Commissioner within 5 working days, in the form of a completed Third-Party Inspection Statement Form that quantifies and details the type of inspection performed and any limits of construction work inspected.

INSPECTION RESULTS:  Inspection results are emailed to up to three registered email addresses, designated by the permit applicant.   

For questions, please call 757-664-6565 for assistance.