TRADE PERMITS: All trade permits (Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical) submitted, paid, and printed on the portal @ Once the application is submitted online, applicants will receive an email to make a payment within 2 business days. Registration is required for an account on the online portal as owner or contractor; if one is not set up already. 

MODIFICATION TO TRADE PERMITS: Applicants that need to make modifications to trade permits (Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical) will need to apply for a new permit @ Applicant will need to answer “YES” to the question” Is this a modification” and enter the permit # that is being modified when asked for “Trade Permit Number”. Once processed there will be a $50 fee for modification, plus cost of any additional work items added to the permit.

EXTENSIONS: All permit extensions will require a completed Request for Extension Form and emailed to  Once processed and there will be a $50 fee which can be paid on the online portal @

PERMITS REQUIRING PLAN & ZONING REVIEWS:  Applications are being reviewed in the order in which they are received, and an email will be sent with the tracking number in 2-3 business days.  The initial review by the plan reviewer may take up to 10-14 business days. A plan reviewer will contact the applicant by email or phone when the permit is “Approved”, or additional information is needed. All fees will be paid on the online portal @ once the applicant is contacted.

Starting the Permit Process

COMING SOON April 12th, 2022:  The below permits will soon be available for initial application on the online e-permitting portal.

New Residential & Commercial Building:  

The  following agencies are needed:

Additionally, a completed building application, site survey, and construction documents should be emailed to in one pdf.

Additions to Building, Decks, Porches, Swimming Pool, Fire Protection,  and Alterations/Repairs

Email a completed building application, site survey *If needed*, and construction documents to in one pdf.

New Elevators:

Email a completed elevator application, site survey *If needed*, and construction documents to in one pdf.


Email a completed sign application, site survey *If needed*, and construction documents to in one pdf.

Fences, alterations to driveways, sheds, garages under 256 square feet:

Email a completed zoning certificate application and site survey to in one pdf.


Apply for sewer cap on a plumbing permit and attach the water meter removal form first. Once the plumbing permit is finalized, then email a completed building application, the required sign-off documents to

FTP Site Submissions: If uploading documents to the FTP Site use the User Name: ftpuser and Password: 4@ll2C33!QQ; once files are uploaded please notify us by sending an email to For full instructions click here (PDF).

The fee schedule can be found here.