Community UPLIFT Awards

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The Department of Neighborhood Development’s Community U.P.L.I.F.T (Unity, Public Service, Leadership, Innovation, Friendship & Teamwork) Awards serve to recognize those who have performed an act of service that benefited the community and the residents of Norfolk in response to COVID-19. This may include individuals, civic leagues or community organizations, businesses, non-profits, or religious organizations – any individual or group that made a meaningful impact in the community to help others during the pandemic. 

Nomination Criteria Uplift -Unity, Public Service, Leadership, Innovation, Friendship, Teamwork

  • Contribution or service must have UPLIFTed the community in a way that promotes Unity, Public Service, Leadership, Innovation, Friendship, or Teamwork
  • Nominees must have contributed to the broader community 
  • Contribution or service must have taken place in Norfolk and/or benefited residents of Norfolk 
  • Contribution or service must have been performed anytime since March 2020 
  • Nominations must be made by someone other than the individual/group being nominated Pictures and videos are encouraged

A picture or video is encouraged, but not required.

Nomination Process

The link below is to the nomination form.  Nominations are being accepted from September 4 thru noon on September 25.  Nominations will be evaluated if they meet the criteria.  If accepted, both the nominee and nominator will be notified.  A safe awards presentation is being planned for Saturday, October 10.  Neighborhood Development is planning the event under the current Covid-19 restrictions provided by the state but is leaving open the possibility of different restrictions by October 10.  As such, details about the awards presentation and who can attend will be released closer to the event depending on restrictions and permitting at the time of the event.  Nominees will be notified of their acceptance by 5:00 p.m. on September 28.  A link to an Eventbrite registration for the awards presentation, more details, and instructions will be sent with notification of the award.  If you have any questions, you may email Neighborhood Engagement, contact your Neighborhood Development Specialist, or call Jim Herbst at (757) 647-7237.  Neighborhood Development is looking forward to the stories you share of community heroes, big and small.

Link to Nomination Form