Norfolk Animal Care Center

  • Is the Norfolk Animal Care & Adoption Center open?
    • No, the Norfolk Animal Care Center building is closed to the public.
    • Virtual and no-contact services are available.
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  • Animal adoption applications are now accepted via email, and counseling will be provided by phone.
  • NACC is now offering scheduled appointments through WaitWhile, an online waitlist app that allows adopters to choose a time for a visit or to drop in and join the waitlist to enter dependent on occupancy. Can’t get to the app? Send us an email at or a call at 757-441-5505. We will help you to book an appointment.
  • The adoption application and more information can be found on our website:


  • The Norfolk Animal Care Center will update and maintain with animals available for adoption, foster, as well as lost animals during this closure.
  • Every effort will be made to assist in reuniting families with their missing companion animals.

Owner Surrenders:

  • Pet retention resources are available and will be provided to help keep families together.
  • Requests to surrender animals for medical emergencies, public safety, and exigent circumstances will be admitted immediately.
  • Those that do not qualify in any of the above categories will be provided with information, guidance and resources and an intake appointment will be scheduled for a later date if needed.
  • Please contact us at 757-441-5505 or to schedule a non-emergency appointment.

Owner euthanasia requests:

  • Owner euthanasia requests follow the same intake process as owner surrender requests. Pet retention resources will be offered.
  • Pets with medical conditions surrendered for euthanasia are saved whenever humanely possible. Owners may request euthanasia, however the decision to euthanize is ultimately made by shelter staff and/ or a contracted veterinarian.
  • Pets surrendered for euthanasia due to behavior concerns will be afforded the same consideration by shelter staff as those with medical conditions, when and if deemed safe to do so.
  • Please contact us at 757-441-5505 or to schedule a non-emergency appointment.

During current business hours (M- Sun, 8 a.m. - 5: 00 p.m.) call 757-441-5505. After hours, call Police Non-Emergency Dispatch at 757-664-7387. Staff is also available by email at