Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The city of Norfolk is at the heart of the Hampton Roads region.  A 400-year-old community that grew up along the waterfront is now home to roughly 247,000 residents.  The world’s largest naval station, NATO’s North American headquarters and four college and universities thrive within our borders.  Our population is diverse.

To reflect our diversity and to champion equity and inclusion in city services and programs, Norfolk is the first city in Hampton Roads to launch a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative.

Meet the Lead

Aleea Slappy Wilson is championing our efforts as Norfolk’s first Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer and LGBTQ Liaison to the City Manager. In this role she is driving the City Of Norfolk’s efforts to be a community where everyone feels welcomed, included and equipped to thrive. 

Aleea leads an interdepartmental team to advance equity in Norfolk through institutional strategies and external programming and services.

The City of Norfolk is committed to being a Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive city. 

Diversity: The City of Norfolk will reflect and celebrate the distinct cultures and values within our city. We will demonstrate this through hiring and service delivery. All actions of the government will be viewed through the lens of inclusion and equity.

Equity: The City of Norfolk will acknowledge the disparities, advantages and disadvantages that exist among residents, communities and businesses, and will focus on institutional strategies and external programming and services that promote opportunity and access for all.

Inclusion: The City of Norfolk will include all individuals and groups in processes, activities and decision and policy-making in a way that shares power and creates an equitable division of resources and assets.

City Of Norfolk Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Focus Areas

  • Workforce/Human Resources (Recruitment and Promotion/ Retention)
  • Economic Opportunity/Inclusive Economic Growth
  • Planning/Infrastructure 
  • Outreach and Neighborhood Engagement