Animal Licenses

Licensing Dogs and Cats:

All cats and dogs residing in Norfolk are required to have a license once they reach the age of 4 months.  A current rabies certificate is required in order to obtain a license.  Additionally, documentation that your animal has been spayed or neutered is required in order to receive the reduced rate.  Pet owners who are 55 and older do qualify for the senior rate, if their pet has been spayed or neutered, and documentation has been provided.  Norfolk supports spaying and neutering programs and is proud to provide a discount when purchasing a license.  You can obtain a license at any location listed below.  Licenses are purchased annually, available for purchase after November 1st, and due by January 31st, or once the pet has reached 4 months of age.

If you no longer own a pet you received an animal license application for, or you have moved out of the City of Norfolk, you can use the online form request here to notify our office of the changes. 


Norfolk City Treasurer810 Union Street, Norfolk VA  23510757-664-7800
Norfolk Animal Care 5585 Sabre Road, Norfolk VA  23502757-441-5505


Intact Animal$25
Spayed/Neutered Animal$5
Spayed/Neutered Animal (Senior Citizen Rate)$2
Duplicate Tag (Lost or Stolen) *$1
Service Animal *No Charge
* Must be obtained at City Treasurer’s Office
* Emotional Support Animals (ESA) are not considered Service Animals according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  License fees for an ESA are not waived.  For more information, please see the ADA Requirements on Service Animals.