Finance & Business Administration


The Finance & Business Administration Division is responsible for the administrative functions that make possible the operation of the Department of Transit. The Division also works to enhance the public's understanding of Transit products and services by providing superior customer service to citizens. It includes the following functions: Financial Management, Human Resources, and Information Technology.

  • Financial Management is primarily responsible for the collection, distribution, and maintenance of funds handled within the Department of Transit. Financial Management oversees accounting and budget functions, helps maintain the fiscal integrity of the department's budget and fiscal policies, and monitors expenses.
  • Human Resources is primarily responsible for the department's Human Capital Program that assists with the enhancement of employee's communication skills, education, technical skills, and continued professional development. Additionally, performs top talent acquisition through recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, and training.
  • Information Technology is primarily responsible for overseeing device management policies and procedures, ensuring department technology needs are met, providing leadership in all aspects of instructional technology infrastructure, and providing technical support for the department's needs.