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How Do I Find a Scooter Near Me

To find a Lime near you, simply open the Lime app. You’ll automatically be taken to the map screen, showing all available Lime vehicles in your area. If you don’t see any vehicle icons displayed on the map, zoom out to search a wider area.

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How Do I Unlock a Lime to Ride

To unlock a Lime-S scooter, simply open the Lime app and tap on the "Ride" button at the bottom of the screen. From here, either scan the QR code using your phone’s camera or manually enter the 6-digit vehicle code located beneath the QR code.

Do I Have to Wear a Helmet

The City of Norfolk recommends you wear a helmet at all times when riding Lime.

Where Can I Ride Lime

Electric scooters share the same rights of the road as an adult cyclist.

Adults can ride them safely in any street  posted for 25 mph or less , can ride in any bike lane, and must obeying all traffic signals including riding in the same direction of traffic.

E-scooters should not be ridden continuously on sidewalks with heavy retail pedestrian traffic such as Main Street sidewalks, Granby Street Sidewalks, Colley Ave and 21st street sidewalks, etc.

It’s acceptable to ride in the street in these areas too.

Be extremely careful near light rail tracks and heavy rail crossings and cross them in a perpendicular fashion similar to what a cyclists would do.  Always be on the lookout for road hazards and keep a safe distance from parked or moving vehicles on city streets. 

How Much Does a Lime Scooter Cost to Rent

Lime scooter pricing is $1.00 per ride to unlock a scooter and $0.29 per minute of use.

For example a 5 minute short trip would cost a total of $2.45 or 10 minute trip would cost $3.90 total and be charged to the credit card info that was used to open your Lime account using  your phone app.

Does Each Scooter Have a Docking Area or Dedicated Place to Park

No, this e-scooter program is considered dockless and scooters will be left in convenient locations for daily use.

Riders will be responsible for parking them properly along the curbs and edges sidewalks without interfering with pedestrian or handicap access.

No scooters are to be parked in city streets.

Major issues can be reported to lime at 1-888 -546-3345 or emailed to support@li.me. We appreciate your patience and understanding as both riders and deployment teams learn and optimize the best places to park e-scooters.

Where Do I Leave My Scooter Once I Have Ended My Ride

You can leave your Lime near any public bike rack around the city or curbside out of the public right of way. Check out this video for a step by step tutorial.  https://youtu.be/Qb2s8A1KnRQ 

How Do I Use Lime If I Do Not Have a Smartphone and/or Credit Card

Lime has PayNearMe and a text-to-unlock feature. If eligible, you can join Lime Access to receive discounted pricing ($0.50 to unlock, $0.07 per minute) Visit https://www.li.me/community-impact to sign up and learn more information about Lime’s Access Program.