Police Museum

On display are extensive exhibits of early photographs, uniforms, badges, patches, firearms, handcuffs and other equipment used by the police department from its inception until now, something for everyone.

Also, the museum maintains a permanent memorial to our fallen officers. Items of interest related to the police department and to individual police officers, present and past, are always welcome additions to the Museum collection. 

Norfolk Police Historical Exposition

The Norfolk Police Historical Exposition (NPHE) which supports the museum is a small, non-profit corporation whose sole function is the financial and logistical support of the museum. 

All NPHE members are volunteers.

A team of professionals, the curator and historian, conduct research for the department and provide overall management of the museum and its extensive collection. 

Officer Inquiries

While the Museum is open to the public and visitors are welcome, it also serves the NPD family. 

The curator and historian, who both donate their time, frequently receive inquiries about former officers. 

Fortunately, the museum has an extensive collection including thousands of photographs dating back to the 1880s, as well as documents and artifacts that are associated with individual officers.

As a result, an inquiry about someone's great-grandparent can usually be answered quickly.