Fire-Rescue Museum


In late 2003, Norfolk Fire Captain Robert Edwards had a vision that one day the hidden history of Norfolk’s Fire and EMS services would be displayed for all to see. As the New Year started a small group of retired and active firefighters met. Little by little lost history found its way to the lobby walls of the Norfolk Fire-Rescue Training Center. 

New and old fire-EMS personnel from Norfolk and surrounding Hampton Roads fire departments soon found themselves reminiscing. The memories brought a laugh of a firehouse joke and some produced a tear of a fellow brother or sister that passed.  

A volunteer staff continues to collect, preserve and display all of Norfolk’s memorabilia. Since the fall of 2010 the Fire-Rescue Museum has shared a downtown venue with the Norfolk Police Department offering all visitors a memorable time. 


The Fire-Rescue Museum’s collection contains uniforms, badges, helmets, fire suppression and medical equipment.

Unique collections on display pay tribute to the Fallen Firefighters, Past Fire Chiefs, N.F.D. Band, Honor Guard and Paramedical Rescue Services. 

Members & Donations

Donations enable the museum to provide secure displays, better catalog capabilities, marketing funds and preservation materials. 

As a 501(c) (3) organization all donations go back into the museum.

Membership with the Fire-Rescue Museum is for those with ties to the fire service and EMS field specifically NFD, NFPS, NFR or PRS. Membership is governed by the Fire-Rescue Museum bylaws. 

Fire Safety & Education

For the children the Fire-Rescue Museum provides various Fire Prevention brochures, activity booklets, and decals.

All ‘junior’ Firefighters can try on a fire coat and pants then hug the brass pole for the perfect photo.