Flooding & Water Quality Studies & Projects

Like other coastal cities, Norfolk is vulnerable to the increased severity of storms and flooding caused by relative sea level rise. Immediate and long-term solutions range from simple landscaping techniques that allow adequate stormwater drainage to complex engineering projects designed to reroute and deflect water. Working with international and regional experts and residents, Norfolk is creating planning models to predict future shoreline conditions. In 2007, Norfolk initiated a series of Coastal Flooding and Precipitation Flooding studies to analyze the City, wastershed-by-watershed and provide solutions tailored to local conditions and neighborhoods.

The Hague


Mason Creek

Ohio Creek

Pretty Lake

St. Paul's 


CIP Infrastructure Projects

Water Quality

Stormwater runoff often carries pollutants which can kill fish, and cause increased algae blooms, low oxygen and other problems in local waterways. The Department of Public Works identifies, designs and constructs water quality improvement projects. 

Projects are funded through City Council approved capital funds and awarded grant funds. 

Improvements & Efforts

Improvements such as upgrades to existing ponds, creation of new stormwater features, and restoration of streams and shorelines all help to trap, filter, or remove pollutants. The Department focuses efforts on projects with co-benefits that include:

  • Coastal resiliency
  • Community beautification
  • Flood management
  • Habitat restoration
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Shoreline protection
  • Water quality



Under Construction

  • Granby Street Park Living Shoreline
  • Walters Drive Living Shoreline

Upcoming Projects

Completed Projects (2015-present)

Green Infrastructure Plan

Green infrastructure consists of our marshes, creeks, parks and trees that provide habitat, filter the air and water, moderate air temperatures, and provide recreation and scenic beauty. Learn more about the City's plan to help 'design the coastal community of the future' buy using these natural assets to improve environmental and community health and to protect infrastructure, such as roads and buildings.

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