Community Collaboration Center

The Community Collaboration Center (CCC) is where prosecutors' commitment to the duty of criminal prosecution is uniquely joined by the recognition of the importance of crime prevention initiatives. 

Resources & Programs

CCC employees evaluate and integrate specialized resources and programs into the daily prosecution of criminal cases and community outreach opportunities. Examples of this work include representing the Commonwealth in Norfolk Circuit Court's Drug Court, Mental Health Docket, and Offender Re-Entry Docket. 

CCC employees also actively cultivate strong relationships with Norfolk's citizens by participating in activities with civic leagues, recreation centers, schools, churches, and other similar groups.


The CCC operates out of 2 locations in Norfolk:

  • Berkley Neighborhood Service Center
    925 S Main Street
    Norfolk, VA 23523
    Phone: 757-823-4333
  • Military Circle Mall
    880 N Military Highway
    Norfolk, VA 23502
    Phone: 757-962-1364

These satellite offices also increase the accessibility of prosecutors and related partners to citizens with public safety and criminal justice needs. In addition, citizens unsure of where to direct community concerns can benefit from the employees' ability to facilitate contact with the correct resource(s).