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Real-Time Flood Intelligence Helps Coastal City Build Resilience: Esri Startup Partners

The City of Norfolk is building resilience against climate-related hazards as sea level rise continues to occur in Norfolk. Through RISE, a nonprofit economic development organization that helps coastal communities adapt to a changing climate, the city partnered with Esri startup partner FloodMapp to implement flood modeling technology that delivers inundation data quickly and at more than 90 percent accuracy. 

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Norfolk to Receive Additional Federal Funding to Increase Community Resilience to Flooding

On Wednesday, March 30, the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) announced an additional $150,000,000 from President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to support the Coastal Storm Risk Management (CSRM) project in the City of Norfolk. This funding is in addition to the $249,331,000 in funding announced on January 19.

Acting Chief Resilience Officer Kyle Spencer Discusses Floodmapp on the Weather Channel

Kyle Spencer, Acting Chief Resilience Officer, discusses as Waze users in Norfolk became the first in the world to test the new feature of Floodmapp and the pilot program.

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Project to make Norfolk more resilient against coastal storms passes critical milestone

Army Corps of Engineers leadership agreed with the finding of the coastal storm risk management study so far and approved the Recommended Plan to move forward towards the final report.

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Norfolk neighborhood tests out city’s ’Adopt-a-Drain’ program

A neighborhood in Norfolk is testing out the city’s pilot program to help curb flooding. In January, the city launched its "Adopt-a-Drain" app.

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City of Norfolk and RISE Co-host MIT Solve Challenge Design Workshop on Coastal Resilience

MIT Solve, along with the City of Norfolk and RISE, will host a half-day workshop on Wednesday, January 24 in Norfolk, Virginia—bringing together leaders from the Hampton Roads region, the United States and beyond to discuss and prioritize key resilience challenges for coastal communities.

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Norfolk Hosts NATO Interdependency in Resilience Conference

Leaders from 34 nations gathered in Norfolk to come up with a plan to improve understanding on how military, business, and civil sectors can work together to reduce risks, including threats from natural disasters and climate change, among others.

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City of Norfolk Hosts Retain Your Rain Workshop to Boost Citywide Resilience

In late April, the City of Norfolk hosted the Retain Your Rain workshop so residents could learn about small-scale projects they can install at home to help mitigate flooding. Over 40 volunteers gathered at Bay View Elementary to disconnect the building’s downspout as well as install a rain garden, barrel, and a bioswale, all capable of retaining 600 gallons of rainwater.

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Norfolk: Building Financial Security One Conversation at a Time

One of 10 cities selected to participate in the Cities of Service Resilience AmeriCorps program, Norfolk trained two AmeriCorps VISTAs as Master Financial Education Volunteers and then embedded them in the Bank On program to serve as financial coaches alongside other volunteers.

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Sandia Analyzes Effects of Rising Sea Levels in Norfolk

A new study from Sandia assesses how much the city, its region, and the nation would suffer in damages to lost economic activity if it does nothing to address rising sea levels. The data allows Norfolk to quantify its national and global importance and build the case for obtaining appropriate funding.

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