Community Clean-up

Community Cleanup

Interested in Planning Your Own Community Cleanup? Here’s How!

  • PDF "How to Plan a Cleanup (PDF)"
  • Register your Community Cleanup.
  • Get trained
  • Pick a spot to clean or get assignment from KNB and visit it prior to your cleanup date.
  • Estimate the number of volunteers needed and how many you can safely manage.
  • Determine cleanup boundaries, meeting time, parking and registration place. Prepare a map of the site if this helps you.
  • Recruit volunteers, give them the location, where to park and expected start and end time. Choose a phone number and/or e-mail address for volunteers to RSVP and/or contact you with questions. Share this contact so others can help recruit.
  • Report your cleanup!

Supplies for Groups Based on Availability

  • Trash Bags
  • Gloves

Supplies Available for Loan

  • Safety Vests (mandatory for streets greater than 35mph)
  • Litter Grabbers
  • Rakes/Shovels

Community Clean Up Forms

Thank you for volunteering with us!