Inspection Information

The following inspections are required. Work shall not proceed until the inspection has been approved for the various stages of construction:

Footing Inspection

To be made after all reinforcing steel is set and prior to the placing of any concrete, masonry, steel grillages or wood mat.

Foundation or Slab Inspection

After flood joists are placed on foundation walls before sub-floor is placed, or after vapor barrier, insulation and re-enforced wire has been placed for concrete floor slab.

Sheathing Inspection

All structural lumber must be grade-marked. All sheathing must be inspected for proper nailing before covering.

Frame & Masonry Inspection

To be made after all masonry, roofing, framing, fire-stopping, shafts and bracing are all in place, and all pipes, conduits, wiring, mechanical duct work and vents are complete and ready to cover.

Insulation Inspection

After all insulation is in place.

Fire Protection Inspection

In all buildings where plaster is used for fire protection purposes, the permit holder or his agent shall notify the Building Codes Inspector after all lathing and backing is in place. No plaster shall be applied until the approval of the Building Codes Inspector has been received.

Third Party Certifications

In all buildings or structures where Critical Structures Inspections or Special Inspections are required by either the USBC or the Building Commissioner, these third party engineering certifications must be submitted and approved prior to Final Inspection.

Final Inspection

To be made after the building is completed and ready for occupancy.