Director's Office


The Director's Office is responsible for the administrative functions that make possible the operation of the Department of Public Works as a whole, and includes the Financial Management Division and the Management Services Division.

Financial Management Division

The Financial Management Division is primarily responsible for the collection, distribution and maintenance of funds handled within the Department of Public Works. The division:

  • Administers the stormwater billing program
  • Oversees accounting and budget functions
  • Helps maintain the fiscal integrity of the department's budget and fiscal policies

If you have questions regarding your Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) HRUBS bill such as payment methods, payments locations, or contact information please contact HRSD.

Management Services Division

The Management Services Division works to enhance the public's understanding of Public Works products and services by providing superior customer service to citizens.

Services provided by the Management Services Division are divided into public relations and community relations.

To invite the Director of Public Works or another representative to a community meeting or other event, please email us or send a letter to the Division of Management Services.

Our Customers

The Management Services Division has a varied customer base that includes:

  • The public
    • Citizens
    • Civic leagues
    • Businesses
    • Governmental agencies
    • Other interested persons
  • City Council and City Administration
  • Internal Staff