Litter Prevention

Litter Hits Close To Home!

Litter hurts communities and is costly to remove. Whether it is cigarettes butts, plastic bags, soda cans, or illegal signs, litter does not belong in neighborhoods, along streets, or in parks. The consequences of litter can be felt by everyone. Litter can collect in our storm drains which increases nuisance flooding. Litter is unsightly and reduces property values as it accumulates

Good News.....You Can Make a Difference!

  • When you see litter, pick it up. Clean areas attract less litter.
  • Start your own, or join, a community clean-up.
  • Spread the word. Tell a friend, littering is a crime.

Did you know....Balloon Litter...

  • Kills marine animals
  • Can take more than a year to degrade
  • Is often mistaken for food by wildlife

Learn more about balloon litter, or contact Keep Norfolk Beautiful by email or 441-1347.