Vector Control

Vector Control protects the public against vectors of diseases. They provide rodent control on city property, conduct inspections prior to demolitions of all structures to certify it free of rat infestations, and provide mosquito control to the city through management of tidal ditches, larviciding, trapping to identify mosquito species, conducting backyard inspections for breeding, answering complaints, and providing education to citizens. Call 757-683-2840 for more information.

Mosquito Control

Vector control performs mosquito control activities year round. Vector Control works to achieve our mission using source reduction, chemical application, and public education and outreach. To view the current fogging map schedule, click here. If you would like to be placed on a do not spray list, call 757-683-2840.

Rodent Control

Vector Control investigates and treats for rodent activity on City owned property. Vector Control can also advise private citizens on what they can do to eliminate rodent inspections. Vector Control acts as an advisor on other rodent and pest control problems. For more information call 757-683-2840.

Bulk Container Program

Vector control is responsible for the enforcement of the city codes regarding private (non-city) bulk containers/dumpsters. This program helps reduce pests helps reduce pests and promotes neighborhood quality. Click here for more information.

Pre-Demolition Rat Free Inspection

Vector Control inspects all properties slated for demolition to ensure they are free from rodent infestation. Click here to see a list of the City of Norfolk's required permits and fees for demolition.