Public Works Operations is responsible for routine and emergency maintenance and repair to ensure the health and safety of Norfolk for all residents and visitors to enjoy. Operation's is broken down into the specialty operating components. These units take advantage of unique skill sets among the workforce and equipment utilized.

Streets & Bridges Services

  • Bridge Structures Maintenance of 50 bridge structures, such as bridges, underpasses, overpasses
  • Bulkheads Waterfront Structures that include several seawalls, bulkheads, and 34 jetties
  • Curb Lines: Norfolk has over 1,225 miles of curbs throughout the City which are the responsibility of this Division
  • Customer Service and Administrative Operations: The Division prides itself on its administrative support to not only City/Divisional employees but also Norfolk residents as well.
  • Graffiti Removal: In order to maintain the aesthetics of Norfolk. Public Works Operations attempts to remove any reported graffiti from roadways, sidewalks and bridges in a timely professional manner.
  • Sidewalks and Repairs: Norfolk has over 968 miles of sidewalks which require maintenance and grading of shoulders and medians; including handicap/ADA ramps
  • Snow and Ice Removal and Control: Priority is typically given to the arterial roadways because of their volume of traffic and city-wide access. Snow removal and control always depends on current conditions and safety. Fire, rescue and police stations locations are expedited if possible as well as hospital entrances.
  • Street Repair and Maintenance: The division is responsible for over 2,186 lane miles of City roadways. This includes pothole repairs.

Stormwater Services

  • BMP Maintenance: The Division maintains storm water best management practices (BMPs) such as wet ponds, dry ponds, infiltration trenches, etc. on properties that drain water from City Right-of-Ways. Maintenance includes cleaning and repairing structures, cutting vegetation, dredging, etc.
  • Ditch Maintenance: The Division maintains non-tidal City-owned road side and off road ditches by ensuring the flow line is clear by removing trash and overgrown vegetation. Ditches may also need to be regraded to ensure proper drainage. The Division further utilizes the Sheriff's Work Force to perform routine preventative maintenance on designated ditches throughout the City.
  • Grocery Cart Collection: The Division is responsible for removing abandoned shopping carts throughout the City.
  • Flood Gate Maintenance and Operations: The floodwall downtown is 1644 ft long with the gates opened and 1801 feet long with the gates closed. This gate works in conjunction with one of our pump stations to protect Norfolk's downtown area from tidal and precipitation events.
  • Lot Cleaning: Illegal dumping on City-owned property is prevalent in the City. The Division maintains crews to clean illegal dumping on city vacant lots, city right-of-way, dead ends, and underpasses.
  • Storm Water Pump Station Maintenance: The Division maintains 10 pump stations throughout the City to reduce flooding in low lying areas such as underpasses. Daily inspections and routine maintenance is performed on the pump stations. The Department of Public Works continuously performs major maintenance on these systems each year by replacing pumps, rehabilitating the stations, and upgrading electrical systems.
  • Street Sweeping: The City of Norfolk has the most extensive street sweeping program in the region. We currently sweep all streets in the City, with curb and gutters, once per month. Downtown Norfolk is swept on a daily basis. Other cities in the region only sweep their streets once or twice a year, and even then it usually is only major roadways.
  • Structure Repair and Maintenance: The Division performs routine maintenance and cleaning of the storm water system that is comprised of underground pipes, drop inlets, and catch basins. During structural failure, staff will make necessary repairs.