Tobacco Cessation

What is the Tobacco Cessation Pharmacy Program?

This program is a benefit of your Optima Health plan that covers the cost of tobacco cessation medications. Your plan will have a Tier Two drug co-pay for prescriptions and over-the-counter medications.

Consult with your doctor for a prescription to receive a tobacco cessation medication on a tier two.

The plan will not cover experimental treatment medications, supplements, and/or vitamins for tobacco cessation.

Do I need to be Pre-Authorized?

No. Once you receive a prescription from your doctor and have picked up the tobacco cessation medication from the Pharmacy on a tier two, you will then be enrolled in one of the four support groups.

How Do I get my Tobacco Cessation Medication?

Step 1: Consult with your primary doctor and discuss which prescription will be best for you.

Step 2: Go to your local pharmacy to purchase your tobacco cessation prescription.

Step 3: Once you've purchased the medicine, Optima Health will contact you immediately to enroll you in a mandatory tobacco cessation Pharmacy Program of your choice.

How do I Participate?

Discuss your quit plan with you doctor to receive a prescription. Employees must participate in one of the four tobacco cessation counseling options listed below:

Telephonic Counseling

Counseling is provided by Optima Health Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist at 757-552-7530

CD Self Paced Program

Call 800-SENTARA (800-736-8272)

Group Program

 A 4-week educational and support Program that helps employees develop a plan to stop the tobacco habit and dependency. Call 800 SENTARA to register.

American Cancer Society (ACS)

American Lung Association (ALA)

Call local offices for program times and enroll in a tobacco cessation program.

Quit Smoking Do's & Don'ts

Be patient with yourself.Be impatient.
Be positive; use self-talk.Worry about "forever."
Be proud of small accomplishments.Be negative.
Take time for yourself.Neglect yourself.
Believe that you can be a non-smoker.Drink a lot of alcohol
Get lots of rest.Overdo
Use your sense of humor.Take yourself seriously
Talk to someone.Be afraid to ask for help.
Drink water often.Believe you can have "just one."
Remember why you chose to become tobacco-freeForget the reason you quit.

Call 800-736-8272 or visit My Life My Plan for tobacco cessation info.