Utilities Director's Office

The Director's Office provides leadership and direction for the Norfolk Department of Utilities. The department is comprised of over 300 employees in eight divisions who are dedicated to providing top quality drinking water, customer service and wastewater collection to Norfolk residents and businesses.

UT Director Doug Beaver Photo

Director of Utilities - Douglas J. Beaver

Assistant Director - Robert Carteris


Management Services 

The Management Services Division acts as the management nexus for the Utilities Department, overseeing the other divisions and reporting to the Director’s Office. This division provides departmental administration by managing human resources, public relations, safety programs, organizational development, legislative affairs, administrative services and records management.

  • Manager - Brian Casey
  • Management Analyst II - Kaela Dawkins
  • Public Information Specialist II - Jordan J. Stokes
  • Safety Specialist - Michael Guest

Water Accounts

The Water Accounts Division manages monthly readings, collections on customer accounts, operation of the Customer Service Call Center, the review and processing of leak adjustments. This division also oversees lobby assistance, processes walk-in and drop box payments, establishes payment arrangements and extensions, submits work orders for service installations, transfers, disconnects, completes sale of boat permits and bulk water.

  • Manager - Trinette Hodges
  • Call Center Supervisor - John Simmons

Budget and Accounting

The Budget and Accounting Division conducts strategic planning to ensure implementation of the City Council's priorities and City Manager's goals and to maintain the utility system's viability and resilience. Functions include wholesale customer contract management, development of cash flow projections, periodic review of rates and long-term funding to support future sustainability.

  • Manager - Olga Fonotova
  • Enterprise Controller - Rebecca Yeh
  • Financial Operations Manager - Lada Bardoun
  • Accounting Manager - Viola Bolen

Engineering and Technology

The Engineering and Technology Division develops and executes the water and wastewater capital improvement plan. The Capital Project Management function of the program manages the design and installation of water and wastewater projects. The Construction Inspection function provides monitoring and reporting compliance for construction work performed on all water and wastewater infrastructure. The technology function ensures effective operation of all the department's programs by incorporating technological improvements and managing existing computer systems and hardware.

  • Manager - Harry "Lenny" Matthews
  • Asst. City Engineer - Paal Engerbrigsten
  • Chief of Construction - Leigh Goodwin
  • Technology Supervisor - Joe Burns

Water Production

The Water Production Division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the water treatment plants and finished water storage facilities; maintains raw and finished water pump stations, raw water transmission mains; and manages city-owned reservoirs and adjacent watershed properties. The Reservoir Management function maintains and operates reservoirs to ensure maximum available storage and the protection of water quality.

  • Manager - Chris Harbin
  • Asst. Manager - The' Garrison
  • (KML) WTP Supervisor - Ryan Maslyn
  • (MB) WTP Supervisor - John Lawson
  • Water Resources Superintendent - Gina Shaw
  • Reservoir Management - David Rosenthal

Water Quality

The Water Quality Division monitors the drinking water that enhances quality of life for Norfolk residents and businesses by providing 60 million gallons of reliable and safe drinking water to our customers every day. The laboratory tests raw, processed, and finished water, in addition to the health of the distribution system.

  • Manager - Victoria Smith
  • Laboratory Superintendent - Mignonne Wint
  • Senior Cross Connection Specialist - Nathan Gwinn
  • FOG Program Manager - Lindsay Dierks

Combined Operations

The Combined Operations Division consists of the Water Distribution and Wastewater functions. The Water Distribution function provides reliable water services for the residents and businesses of the city by installing, maintaining, and repairing over 950 miles of water distribution pipes, over 4,700 fire hydrants, and 69,000 meters. The Wastewater function enhances the quality of life for Norfolk citizens by providing continuous, reliable operations for pump stations throughout the city. The stations provide a critical service by transmitting sewage and sanitary waste to the Hampton Roads Sanitation District for treatment.

  • Manager - Mary Keough
  • Water Distribution Asst. Superintendent - Sid Lowe
  • Business Programs Manager - Tiffany Washington
  • Wastewater Asst. Superintendent - David Speer