Healthy Norfolk

About Healthy Norfolk

We envision achieving excellent quality of life by promoting and supporting safe, healthy and active living in Norfolk.

Through community collaboration, Healthy Norfolk will support health and well-being by actively promoting healthy policies, environmental change and education.

Our goals are to:

  • Adopt policies that support healthy behaviors.
  • Connect people to existing resources for healthy living and celebrate health with community events.
  • Create a culture of health and wellness citywide.
  • Create a healthy environment.
  • Make sure people have healthy choices.

Check out the links on this page to learn more about opportunities for physical activity, healthy eating, and general healthy living. Learn more about how partners are working together to create a healthy city!

Healthy Norfolk Action Plan

Our Action Plan goals are to increase access to healthy lifestyles, increase access to healthy eating and reduce exposure to tobacco smoke.

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Get Fit Norfolk! A Video Journey

If this guy can get in shape, so can you! Follow Bob's journey to fitness while exploring all the amenities the City of Norfolk offers to lead a healthy lifestyle.