Office of Support Services

The Office of Support Services is responsible for the management of the Department's directive system to include General Orders, Special Orders, Manuals and Memos. Additionally, the Office of Support Services is the designated repository of memorandums of understanding with other cities and agencies. Office of Support Services continues the expanded use of Laserfiche for file maintenance throughout the Department and has hosted Laserfiche training sessions as needed. This ongoing effort is a major part of the Department's paper reduction initiative.

Legislative Liaison

The Office of Support Services acts as the legislative liaison for the Police Department. It is the responsibility of the Office of Support Services to monitor and formulate legislative proposals to further the mission of the department.


Additionally, the Office of Support Services is responsible for:

  • Maintenance of departmental personnel records
  • Coordination of department's disability management program
  • Coordinating the department's Master Police Officer program
  • Coordination with the City's Department of Human Resources on matters affecting the Norfolk Police Department (NPD)